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A "Good Business" Week - June 5th, 2023

HERTalks - On Tuesday we had another HERTalks, a webinar series from HERHealthEQ As you might already know, I'm a proud board member. If you aren't familiar with our work, I encourage you to look at the link to learn more. We basically capture used medical equipment that would otherwise be discarded and get it to women in need in the developing world. Always looking for interesting people to join these panels - email me if you'd like to join us for future HERTalks.

Monica Singh - Thank you to Evan Phalon at Landmark Ventures for helping us to secure a speaking opportunity for Monica at this year's Social Innovation Summit in Los Angeles. Monica is an acid attack survivor and a women's empowerment speaker with a compelling story of courage to share.

World Oceans Day - June 8th is World Oceans Day and I was pleased to be invited to the United Nations to participate in the celebration and hear a group of amazing, passionate speakers and performers talk about the Oceans. It's one thing to talk about problems, it's another to present solutions... I'm always hopeful when I learn about how people and companies are working on the important issues of our time.

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