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A "Good Business" week June 12th, 2023

New Business - EastPark is about to start working with some new tech / social impact startups. More details when we officially begin work in July, but it's encouraging to see new companies building impact into their brands and corporate culture from day 1.


GASP - We spent some time with Satya Tripathi, CEO of the Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet, discussing plans for this year's Climate Week and COP28 in Dubai.


Vitamin Angels - We had the pleasure of meeting Howard Schiffer, CEO of Vitamin Angels for a catch-up on where they are now and where things are headed. If you're not familiar with their work, I encourage you to take a look at e site - all about maternal health and the first 5 years of infant health."Vitamin Angels partners with local organizations and governments in more than 65 countries to reach the most underserved, nutritionally vulnerable populations – pregnant women, infants, and children – with evidence-based nutrition interventions."

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