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Partnerships are a key component of any successful business. By partnering with other companies or organizations, you can expand your reach, tap into new markets, and benefit from shared resources and expertise. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, an NGO or a nonprofit, partnerships can help you achieve your goals and drive growth.

For Brands

Collaborating with complementary brands can help to create unique experiences for customers and strengthen brand loyalty. We also help to elevate a brand's impact work by building a partnership with a like minded non profit.


EastPark is proud to represent some of the world's most recognizable brands for licensing. Our portfolio includes several major media properties seeking brand partners to develop brand extensions and other partners.

For NGOs and Non Profits

Corporate partnerships can be a great way to raise awareness and support of the work you do. By working closely with companies that share your values and goals Eastpark can build strong relationships that benefit everyone involved. 


A marketing partnership can be a great addition to any marketing, advertising or public relations campaign. EastPark can identify and negotiate with appropriate partners to create campaigns that benefit both parties and attract new customers. 

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