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Cause & Affect

Introducing Cause and Affect - this new division evolved to create

partnerships with CPG brands and retailers around their shared missions.  

For example, a major plant-based food company and a global retailer’s disaster relief team – both provide support when a disaster happens. The retailer turns into a place where communities can do their laundry, shower, etc., and the parking lots become BBQs to feed the community. The food brand wants more people to try their products, and by donating them they are working with the retailer to support local communities while doing a sampling promotion. This leads to opportunities for couponing, signage, POP displays, etc., and more support and awareness of their shared mission.

CPG Brands

For CPG Brands, these partnerships help to raise awareness and support for your impact efforts directly with consumers.

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For retailers, these partnerships amplify and support your impact in the communities where you do business.


NGOs and non profits

The NGO or nonprofit organization adds credibility and benefits from the impact efforts.

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