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How I stay organized at work

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

I'm a paper person and an early adopter of tech - I still have my Apple Newton to prove it. Given the current WFH situation the need for portable, chargeable and lightweight tools has gone away so I've modified my setup here at EPD World Headquarters...

I run two 27" iMacs, separately, an iPad for note taking, a laptop for Whats App and texts as well as a couple of phones. On the desk is a large Moleskine to take notes from the day, to do's and random thoughts. I also keep a paper Moleskine calendar, and calls and appointments are done in pencil since they change frequently. I run things like an old doctor's office with a folder for every client or contact that I've met with. This is a great way to keep track of what brands care about what issues and what organizations work on those projects.

Something about writing it down on paper helps to make the connections for me. Its great to have a clean and organized digital desktop and email is a great way to find conversations, but to develop strategies for clients and to put the pieces together, paper is the way to go.

#organization #goodworkhabits

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